History of Neidpath Childcare


The property on which Neidpath Childcare Centre sits has been owned for many years by the Cockburn Family (pronounced Coburn). The development although approved in 2007 commenced construction in September 2010.

The owners originate from a small town in Scotland called “Peebles”.

Within that town is a castle called “Neidpath Castle” hence the centres name as a reminder of the family’s origins – the following is an excerpt from the Neidpath Castle website, courtesy of the Wemyss Family and Wemyss & March Estates Management Co Ltd.

“An early castle was probably founded here by Sir Gilbert Fraser in about 1190. He already owned Oliver and Fruid Castles on the upper reaches of the Tweed.

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He was followed by his son Sir Simon Fraser (died 1291) and Sir Simon the Second who was executed alongside Sir William Wallace in 1307.”